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The requirements from the Customers are getting more tighter year by year. Able to avoid product manufacturing to be transferred elsewhere by the final Customer, we have to find more competitiveness very quickly.

Elopart Oy was established based on this task. We concentrate mostly to small and medium size companies. 
Together with our Customers, we will find the solutions to make the company and their products to be even more competitive. And what’s important, without risks!

If Customer wants, we are also willing to help Customer’s suppliers / Sub-Contractors. By this way Customer reaches all the needed power and productivity of the whole supplier base.

The best way to start the cooperation is to visit the customer and make the needed analyses.

Then we can agree how to take this project forward and what the priorities are etc. Of course we can also start to work immediately according the offer requests sent by the customer.
The delivery times depend on the demanding of the product, possible tooling needs and the transportation.

Based on the Customer’s need, Elopart  Oy can service  the Customer applying the following options:

  • Sourcing and selecting the Suppliers, which meet the Customer’s requirements and which allready have the quality, delivery performance and the competitivess in place.
  • Operating as a contact person between the Customer and the Supplier as long as needed to achieve the desired level
  • Operating as a Supplier or agency. With this method we can represent several suppliers and provide the Customer with the needed components and materials. Customer will save a lot capacity and the resources
  • Value added services by buffer stocking the customer’s parts and materials and delivering them just in time to the right place (Lean priciples)
  • We can also cooperate with the Purchase Managers of the several companies able to consolidate the usages and negotiate the best prices for all
  • Outsourcing services to replace the unprofitable manufacturing processes by buying the products profitable.

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