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Procurement services

Procurement services

According to the customer specifications and requirements, we will search the most competitive and liable suppliers from the countries like China, Turkey and Estonia.

And of course, the higher the volumes are, the better results will be achieved.

Elopart Oy imports and sells the products (components, materials, services) mostly to the Finland, but also to the other European countries as well.

According to Customer’s specifications and needs, we can service in the following product categories:

  • Machining parts (different kinds of materials, sizes and shapes)
  • Casting products ready machined (GGG,GG,GS, AL, ZN)
  • The combinations of castings/rubber and the pressing parts/rubber
  • Forgings and extrusions
  • Plastic injection parts
  • Pressing-, stamping- and deep drawing parts
  • Sheet metal parts and the welded assemblies
  • Different kinds of couplings, adaptors, clamps, brackets, flanges etc.
  • rubber gaskets
  • Springs
  • Different kinds of materials according to the specifications
  • Patterns and tooling for casting, plastic injection, pressing and deep drawing
  • Different kinds of machines and equipment
  • LED-lights and accessories

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