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Why to choose Elopart Oy as a partner?

Some facts why to choose Elopart Oy as a partner

Here are some more facts why it’s worth of contacting us:

1. General market situation supports sourcing

  • Need to improve the competitiveness to get more business
  • Purchasings are usually more that 50 % of the turnover → there are potential saving
  • Lack of capacity, resources or machines
  • If it seems possible to loose even the current Customers
  • If needing better Customer service, another suppliers or less suppliers to keep business simple

2. Our good motivation of service and the flexibility

  • Continuous Improvement – we can share the better conditions and advantages reached during the partnership
  • We allready have the liable contacts
  • Flexible deliveries and the ready products with different kinds of surface finishing
  • Assembling- and buffer stocking services if needed
  • We will handle all the transportation and forwarding for you
  • We will bring the first samples free of charges. If there are expensive tooling costs, we can apply the bank quarantee etc.

3. Our good expertise in sourcing, quality and Supply Chain

  • We work with the Suppliers who are audited and who have the sertified quality systems and capacity enough
  • Let us do these for you. You will save lot of resources, time and money
  • Let us tell you more about our expertise and education

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Elopart Oy

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